ECOVERDE® - Medical Waste Management (MWM)

The safe disposal of Medical Waste is a critical component for environmental protection and community health. Unprofessional management of Medical Waste can expose the public to diseases and epidemics.

ECOVERDE® (MWM) Program was developed subordinate to the EU directives and legislation and maintains fully all EU environmental standards.

ECOVERDE® (MWM) is a unique program for implementation Green solutions of neutralization waste for Hospitals and Medical waste management companies, launched by Mentor Group Holdings, managed by Mentor group Energy and mentor finance.

ECOVERDE® (MWM) implements a unique technology (Patent Rights) that succeeds to treat MWM, and to neutralize the biohazard materials.

ECOVERDE® (MWM) was created to support Medical Waste Treatment and to implement new and ecological methodologies for creating cleaner and safer environment.

ECOVERDE® (MWM) provides the Complete solution:

  • PRE- Consultation for identifying the right solution for managing the Medical Waste.
  • Building the finance & Legal Structure needed for implementation of the program.
  • Recruiting the Finance facility needed for the equipment purchasing – up to 100% financing.
  • Importing the equipment - EU approval.
  • Implementing the program.
  • Post consulting and managerial support.

For more information about ECOVERDE® (MWM) and the way to implement it, please contact our Consultant team