ECOVERDE® - Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

The growing capacity of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is one of the biggest ecological problems exist in our planet.
Landfills are the most popular solution although are obsolete. Due to the fact, Landfill are polluting well water, demanding unrestricted land resources, creating smell nuisance, and having a growing part of the Global Climate Change.

ECOVERDE® implements the entire waste management turnkey solution which includes waste colleting, sorting and recovering of recycling materials, waste treatment and neutralization.
Some of the projects will have the ability to produce energy (Electricity & Heat) subordinated to the project criteria.

The program also provides up to 100% financing along with educational programs for the citizens.

The ECOVERDE® program is based on a well-known EU concepts for treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW), in methods which are customized to the Eastern European mentality and needs and was developed subordinate to the EU directives and legislation and fully maintains all EU environmental standards

ECOVERDE® (MSW) provides the Municipality a complete solution:

  • PRE - Consultation for identifying the right solution for the Municipality.
  • Building the finance & Legal Structure needed for implementation of the program.
  • Recruiting the Finance facility needed for the equipment purchasing – up to 100% financing.
  • Importing the equipment - EU approval.
  • Implementing the program at the Municipality.
  • Post consulting and managerial support for the Municipality.

For more information about ECOVERDE® (MSW) and the way to implement it, please contact our Consultant team