Financing Services

Our business methodology is based on a deep analysis of the project from different angles, checking the project financial feasibility and long term durability based on international bankable formats.

MGH Energy provides multiple financing methods and solutions through the financial division of Mentor Group Holdings Consortium – Mentor Finance.

Mentor Finance is one of the leading financial investment brokers in Europe, with a large client portfolio and financiers networks, including special European funds, the company is able to provide optimized financial structure for each project after it was carefully analyzed.

If you are interested in implementing a project, including financing, please provide us the following documents:

  • Executive Summery - Short description of the project and needs (in English).
  • Preliminary presentation on the project – location, type of energy, costs evaluation, etc...
  • Company presentation / individual CV – business experience, knowledge, etc...

After receiving this data, our team will analyze and if the project which fits MGH Energy portfolio, a meeting will be established with the company’s management to promote the activity on the project.

Please contact us to: