Business Strategy

MGH Energy is focusing on creating high feasible models of infrastructure, environmental & energy projects to be implemented in Eastern European countries and CIS countries as well.

Our abilities in the technical, legal and financial domains allow us to create a feasible solution, finance, implementation and operation on a long term.

We invite governments and local developers from Eastern European countries and CIS countries to inform us through our application process on any requested projects in the domains of infrastructure, environmental & energy.

After preliminary evaluation, we will be able to take a decision whether we would like to proceed with the project.

Chosen projects shall receive the entire services for a complete turnkey project, including a complete financial frame.

MGH energy program includes:

  • Covering/Sponsoring of the pre investment stages feasibility studies, legal structures and structuring of the financial models
  • Full financial recruitment for the project execution phase
  • Turnkey project /EPC
  • O&M services -operational & management contracts for the facilities
  • Local training
  • Service & maintenance
  • Monitoring over the investment

Governmental or private entities that wish to joint venture with us is requested to contact our analysis team via the contact form page
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