ECOVERDE® - Animal Waste Management (AWM)

Animal waste from farms and livestock/poultry and dairy production operations can severely threaten water quality if not managed properly. Animal waste from farms with livestock and poultry across the country has the potential to contribute excess nutrients, pathogens, organic matter, solids, and odorous compounds to the environment.

This pollution can cause eutrophication of surface waters, degradation of ground water quality, and threats to human health.

ECOVERDE® (AWM) Program was developed subordinate to the EU directives and legislation and maintains fully all EU environmental standards.

ECOVERDE® (AWM) is a unique program for implementation Green solutions of neutralization of Animal waste, launched by Mentor Group Holdings, managed by Mentor group Energy and mentor finance.

ECOVERDE® (AWM) implements a unique technology (Patent Rights) that succeeds to treat AWM and to neutralize it.

ECOVERDE® (AWM) provides the Complete solution:

  • PRE- Consultation for identifying the right solution for managing the Animal Waste.
  • Building the finance & Legal Structure needed for implementation of the program.
  • Recruiting the Finance facility needed for the equipment purchasing – up to 100% financing.
  • Importing the equipment - EU approval.
  • Implementing the program.
  • Post consulting and managerial support.

For more information about ECOVERDE® (AWM) and the way to implement it, please contact our Consultant team