About Us

Mentor Group Holdings Energy is the Infrastructure, Energy and Environmental development division in Mentor Group Holdings Consortium.

The company specializes in creating High feasible models of Infrastructure, environmental & energy projects to be implemented in Eastern European countries and CIS countries as well.

The Principals of MGH Energy are based on highly experienced analysts and Development division.
Our teams and managers have a combined strong track record of executing similar projects in the EU together with a dedicated finance team, which has developed a precise financial structure to fit the project implementation and feasibility abilities that emphasize the company’s advantages.

MGH Energy mostly focuses on development of Infrastructure, energy & environmental projects through special customized turnkey programs for eastern European countries and CIS countries.

Those programs allow developing countries to implement Infrastructure, Energy & Environmental projects, finance them completely up to 100% from external financial sources while keeping the project feasibility on the long term.

MGH energy program includes:

  • Covering/Sponsoring the pre investment stages – feasibility studies, legal structures
    and structuring of the financial models
  • Full financial recruitment for the project execution phase
  • Turnkey project / EPC
  • O&M services - operational & management contracts for the facilities
  • Local training
  • Service & maintenance
  • Monitoring over the investment

Through the company professional teams and the other companies in Mentor group Holdings consortium, we provide a complete solution which covers the technical, financial, legal and operational aspects.

MGH Energy is a subsidiary company of Mentor Group Holdings Consortium, EU based consortium of companies, which holds a diverse portfolio of business activities and assets all over Europe.

Visit our mother company site: www.mg-holdings.com